Sensory Activation Solutions –  how to help children and adults unlock their innate potential?

Sensory Activation Solutions – how to help children and adults unlock their innate potential?


SAS programmes, applied through headphones, activate specific parts of the brain and adjust processing habits. The science and neuro-acoustic technology underpinning the SAS methodology are very advanced and complex, but applying the method with clients is simplicity itself. This makes personalised SAS courses an ideal tool for many professionals who are looking for an effective, practical and affordable intervention to apply in their practice.

By learning about the brain plasticity and hemispheric specialization participants will contribute to their personal development. Participants will learn how to help client to assess their goals, how to administer SAS questionnaire and achieve best results with the personal SAS programme. Also, various exercises will be provided and creative discussion about transfer of key learning points to work with client contexts.

By the end of the course participants will have a substantial understanding of SAS method and areas in which it can be applied. They will develop core skills to make an assessment and to build effective relationships with clients and to manage the SAS online platform.

Participants of the course will receive license of SAS Provider.

Health and educational professionals with experience in the field only require to follow this SAS Training in order to start implementing SAS courses with their clients.

The course will be carried out in the beautiful town Cieszyn, which situated on Polish-Czech border and will be supplemented with a tourist-sightseeing program, which will enable participants to learn about traditions and culture of two nations.



  • Participants arrival.
    Individual orientation and information about the venue and the city.
  • Introductory meeting.
  • Welcome dinner.
  • Cultural activities in Cieszyn (optional).


  • Warm up.
  • Course Overview.
  • The SAS Story & Mission.
  • Learning & Developing – the areas we work in.


Understanding the Brain

  • Neuroplasticity.
  • Sensory Input – Two Hemispheres – Hemispheric Specialisation.
  • Ear Dominance – Brain Waves – Breathing – Psychological & Family Factors.


Sightseeing and cultural activities in Cieszyn and Czech Cieszyn.


Guided visit in one of the major Polish cities.



  • ADHD and Learning Enhancement.
  • Dyslexia and Language Disorders.
  • Autsim & Developmental Delays.
  • Stroke Recovery & Life Enhancement.

SAS Programmes

  • Components & Unique Features.
  • Programme types and Selection.


  • Assessment –  identifying underlying issues. Tools, observation and practical advice.
  • SAS application.
  • Client Handling.


Study visit in local kindergarten or school (where SAS method is applied).


  • Coaching for success: How to help a client get the best from their course.
  • Client feedback stories.
  • Online SAS Platform – workshop how to use it.

DAY 10

  • SAS database.
  • Being a SAS Provider. Administrative Procedures.
  • Implementing SAS in your practice / business / organization.
  • Q&A, Overview and Discussions.